SUB-ALLIANCE has integrated the highest quality standards into the value chain of your advanced products.
By following the highest quality standards in the market, your products are manufactured with the highest quality in short time and budget.
The different factories have standard quality labels like EN9100 or aerospace and defense related certifications like EN9100 / AS9100. SUB-ALLIANCE member companies work under a charter describing strict working procedures in the following areas Ethics and safety of the environment and working conditions.
AFAQ ISO 9001 certification:
An ISO 9001 certification authenticates the quality of our know-how and skills. It proves to you that our organization has established a customer culture and promotes innovation.
AFAQ EN 9100 certification:
The EN 9100 certification is based on the ISO 9001 and is specific to the aeronautical, space and defense industry.


Highest quality for your projects

You are looking for a supplier of high quality industrial products at very competitive prices,

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